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Brooke Henderson 

The Ask

Produce four distinct digital content videos, featuring a sponsored athlete, in a compressed shoot window. 

The Strategy

In order to accommodate athlete availability and shoot four distinct videos in a four-hour production window, the concepts were developed with limited speaking roles for Brooke and her sister, Brittany (her caddy).


There was also an intentional focus on capturing key visuals, to be accompanied by a voice-over artist delivering succinct marketing messaging in post-production.


Each of the four videos was designed to feature a distinct brand attribute. 


Cameras with 4K capabilities were used for the shoot to accommodate intended application on digital platforms, while also providing the ability for the videos to be seamlessly edited and leveraged for HD quality television broadcasts in the future. ​

The Outcome

Three under 30-second videos went to market with a targeted YouTube media buy, including custom audiences for retargeting. Videos were also shared through partner (Golf Canada) digital assets. 


Based on the success of the digital spots, a 30-second television broadcast spot was produced and featured during the 2019 CP Women’s Open on TSN.


To produce this broadcast quality ad in a tight timeframe, Stellick worked with its production team to extend the 20-second "Playing Out fo the Sand" spot (above) to a 30-second spot. The content was seamlessly lengthened by integrating footage from the other videos from the shoot. 

As a result of positive feedback, the 30-second video was also featured throughout the Golf Channel’s broadcast of the 2019 Shaw Golf Classic tournament.

The Results

After three months in market, the digital videos had a combined total of 13.1 million impressions and three million completed views across Youtube and partner digital & social channels.

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